This can be tricky knowing which forms you need and what boxes to check, we can get this completed for you and handle your vehicle till it enters the USA. Most vehicles entering the USA require a registered importer, in which case both are done together.



We can handle vehicle shipping from anywhere in the world, I should rephrase that… almost anywhere in the world. In Canada, we have partnered with transport companies to have vehicles brought back and forth on short notice.



We are able to get your Florida title for you or prepare your paperwork for you. Florida requires out of state and country vehicles to be inspected before titling. 

Speedometer Conversion  

We can convert vehicles with KM/H to MPH.  If your vehicle does show both this is not mandatory, but very nice to have for ease or resale.  If it is only KM/H it is mandatory for importation.




If your vehicle is at our facility for Importation we provide a detail service, we apologize but it is only available for those customers.

Mechanical Work

If you newly bought a vehicle and we are importing it, we can provide an inspection and/ or mechanical work to save you time. 

This is only provided to vehicles being imported.

Minor Body Work

We have paint facility in our complex, along with the ability to do minor body work. We prefer keeping this to minor items because it is not our main focus. This is only provided to vehicles being imported.


Some people like to have the frame, wheel wells have that new look, we can clean that up for you as well. This service is only provided to vehicles being imported.

Buy & Sell

For consumers we can assist wholesaling there vehicle to our network of dealers.  We also buy vehicles from Canada and older vehicles (1960-1995) generally.

Dealer Services

All the services above, plus we can help you source cars in Canada.  The strong US dollar allows for competitive pricing and product selection on your lot. We also bring some vehicles in ourselves, we only wholesale vehicles that we bring in.